Kristin Collum is a leader that will stand up for the issues that working families face and fight for the values of all Idahoans.

Electing Kristin means that an education is fully funded by the legislature and not on the backs of homeowners and Idahoans struggling to make ends meet. Our teachers should not have to take a second job just to survive because we don’t pay them enough.

Electing Kristin means that every one of us is able to afford health insurance and access healthcare in our own cities. It means 62,000 Idahoans will no longer fall into the gap and have to choose between buying health insurance and feeding their families.

Electing Kristin means that we will have an advocate for a rational economic strategy within our state’s borders that will grow jobs, protect our valuable goods, and seek solutions for Idaho.

Electing Kristin means that our public lands will not be for sale and that our great outdoors will remain accessible to all. Our natural resources are priceless and need to be protected for future generations.

Electing Kristin means that a proud military veteran with a deep love for Idaho and its wonderful hard-working people will help lead our state government. She knows how to lead a team into battle and to finish the mission.

To get this done, we’re going to need your help to elect a Lt. Governor who is focused on advocating for the people she’s elected to serve. Remember to #VotefortheVet to make #IdahoStronger.




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