Lt. Gov. candidate Collum visits Grangeville

By David Rauzi

GRANGEVILLE — From her experience in both the military and the private sector, lieutenant governor candidate Kristin Collum has seen examples of good leaders, and those who were not so good. In both sectors, Collum stepped up, she said, to not only be a good leader but to show how it should be done.

“I am running now to stand up for other people,” she said, “and also because I’m kind of frustrated with the lack of communication, the lack of cooperation across teams, and the lack of representation in the legislature in not listening to Idahoans.”


By JUDD WILSON Staff Writer

COEUR d’ALENE — Kristin Collum, Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor, is running to bring progressive, team-first leadership to Boise.

She has never run for political office before. Following the 2016 elections, Collum felt she needed to get off the sidelines “and be part of the solution.” Collum asked state Democratic Party officials where they needed help, and of the offices they recommended, the job of lieutenant governor seemed the best fit, she said.

Collum: ‘Vote for the vet’


Kristin Collum, the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor, drew a sustained standing ovation from Idaho Democratic Party delegates after her luncheon speech today, in which she shared her personal story — including rising through the ranks in the military, becoming an officer herself, and then rising through the ranks in the high-tech industry — and said she’s getting support not just from Democrats. “I’ve been reached out to by so many Republicans and independents,” she said.

Bannock County Democrats host coffee with Kristin Collum on July 5

POCATELLO — On Thursday, July 5, the Bannock County Democrats are having a “Coffee with Kristin” event from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. at Main Steam Coffee and Dessert in Old Town Pocatello. Come on down and meet the future Idaho Lieutenant Governor.

This is a great way to meet with Kristin Collum and learn about her background while also asking her about her plan for our great state! Kristin is a U.S. Army veteran, a mother, a tech leader, and a long-time Idaho resident. She decided to run to give Idaho a choice who will be a voice for all Idahoans – especially women, our children, and minorities who are unheard and under-represented today. Let’s show her our support by showing up, drinking coffee, and talking politics!

Idaho’s next lieutenant governor will be a woman, making state history


For the first time in state history, Idaho’s next lieutenant governor will be a woman.

Former state Rep. Janice McGeachin and first-time candidate Kristin Collum will represent the Republican and Democratic parties, respectively, on the November ballot. No third-party candidates filed for lieutenant governor this year.

“We as women have so much to offer,” McGeachin said Wednesday. “As a woman, I really believe in having good communication with people, working with people and educating people. It is important to build good relationships. (Women) pay attention to detail.”

“It’s about time,” Collum said. “It’s probably late. I believe that every level of government needs a 50 percent female (representation).”

Paulette Jordan and Kristin Collum form a joint ticket


Two female Democratic candidates running for statewide office have officially joined forces.

Paulette Jordan and Kristin Collum are running for governor and lieutenant governor, respectively. They may be Idaho’s first all-female gubernatorial ticket.

“We are two progressive women who are very strong-minded,” Jordan told the Statesman on Tuesday.

Collum called this year, “the year of the women.”