Kristin Collum has the potential to become an influential leader in Idaho

Endorsement from the Idaho Statesman for Lt. Governor of Idaho

No matter who prevails in the lieutenant governor’s race on Nov. 6, the winner will make Idaho history as the first woman ever to serve in the post.

That’s significant because the job is often a stepping-stone to greater leadership positions. The current lieutenant governor, Brad Little, is running for governor this year.

So it’s important to pick someone with the potential to become an influential leader in Idaho. We believe that person is Kristin Collum.


I just had the pleasure of meeting Kristin Collum, candidate for lieutenant governor and was deeply impressed with her professionalism, energy, commitment to collaboration and working with Idahoans of all political backgrounds. She has visited every county in Idaho meeting the voters she will represent. She’s a veteran, a single mom, and is by far the best choice for Idaho.


Published in the Bonner County Daily Bee on October 21, 2018.

A Conversation with Lt. Governor Candidate Kristin Collum

KPVI spoke with Democratic Lieutenant Governor Candidate Kristin Collum Friday. She’s an army veteran and has worked as a leader in the technology sector.

Collum says she’s all about getting the job done and collaborating with “everyone”, and that could be important if both Collum and Republication Gubernatorial candidate Brad Little win in the November election.

Collum says working with Little would not be a problem, especially as she describes herself as a moderate Democrat.

Candidates owe voters debates

Democrat Kristin Collum may hail from the Great State of Ada, but she showed up in Idaho Falls on Friday at what was supposed to be a debate with her opponent in the lieutenant governor’s race, Janice McGeachin.

McGeachin, the Republican nominee and a local business owner, wasn’t there.

Instead, it appears she’s on her way to a meet-and-greet her campaign is throwing in Coeur d’Alene. Maybe she thinks the votes in eastern Idaho are already sewn up, so her hometown constituents can be safely brushed off.

“After last night, she’s probably afraid,” Collum said, referring to their Idaho Public Television debate the night before. “But I honor my commitments.”

Collum calls for moderation at Idaho Falls City Club

The Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor gave a preview Thursday of what her main issues would be if she wins, made a plea for moderation and even said she didn’t care if people vote for Republican Brad Little for governor.

“You choose who’s best for Idaho,” Kristin Collum told the mostly friendly lunch crowd at the Idaho Falls City Club. “But whoever you choose, you can always vote for me. I am part of team Idaho before any party.”

‘Conservative values’ against ‘let’s meet in the middle’


The two candidates who hope to be Idaho’s next lieutenant governor would bring remarkably different views to the job, they said during a Wednesday debate on Idaho Public Television.

Former state Rep. Janice McGeachin, a Republican, and Army veteran and tech leader Kristin Collum, a Democrat, are the only candidates for the lieutenant governor’s seat on the November ballot. That means one of them will become the first female lieutenant governor in Idaho.

Collum, of Boise, described herself as a “moderate and pragmatic leader” focused on cooperation to find centrist solutions.

Idaho lieutenant governor hopefuls Collum, McGeachin clash

BOISE — The two rivals vying to be Idaho’s lieutenant governor outlined starkly different views during their statewide debate on Wednesday night, with Republican Janice McGeachin warning against “traveling down the progressive path” and Democrat Kristin Collum saying she wants to “pull us back into the middle in these divisive times.”

Idaho Lieutenant governor candidates differ on Medicaid, wages

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Idaho’s candidates for lieutenant governor staked out far different positions on Medicaid expansion, minimum wage and abortion during a televised debate.

Former state Rep. Janice McGeachin and Army veteran and software engineer Kristin Collum are vying to succeed Lt. Gov. Brad Little, who is running for governor.

McGeachin, a Republican, promised to hold onto the state’s “conservative values,” saying Wednesday on Idaho Public Television that she opposes same-sex marriage, abortion, Medicaid expansion and supports gun rights and limited government.

Democrat Kristin Collum described herself as a moderate who would collaborate with those on the right and the left for the good of “Team Idaho.” Collum supports Medicaid expansion, says abortion is a personal decision and not a matter for the state to decide and, like McGeachin, she supports gun rights.

In “Year Of The Woman,” Idaho Will Have First Female Lt. Governor After November Elections

Political analysts are calling this year – in the wake of the #MeToo movement – the “year of the woman.”

Across the country, female candidates are running in record numbers for congressional seats and for positions in state legislatures. While Idaho has a long history of women in politics, this year’s race for lieutenant governor will invariably net a historic first for the Gem State.

The story of female involvement in Idaho politics starts in 1896. That’s when Idaho became the fourth state to give women the vote. The moment the door opened, they started walking through, says Jaclyn Kettler, a political science professor at Boise State. In the election after getting the vote, she says three women were elected to the state legislature and a woman won the position of superintendent of public instruction.

While Idaho elected a woman to Congress in the early 1950s, it’s taken longer for women to make inroads at home. This year’s race between two female candidates for lieutenant governor is a first, but, as Kettler says, it’s also indicative of the political moment.

“It’s kind of a trend across the country this year,” says Kettler. “We’ve had a surge in women candidates – especially at the state executive level. Statewide positions have tended to be where women have been less present.”

Both Janice McGeachin and Kristin Collum are challenging that. Republican McGeachin was a player in state politics for years serving as a representative from the Idaho Falls area from 2002 to 2012. Her Democratic opponent, Collum, is an Army veteran and longtime worker in the tech field. This bid for lieutenant governor is her first run for public office.