Chief Justice Jim Jones endorses Kristin Collum for Lt. Governor.

I’m so proud to receive the endorsement of Idaho Supreme Court Chief Justice (Retired) Jim Jones today. I’m proud because I have worked hard to show Idaho who I am by tirelessly crossing the state, visiting all 44 counties, and fighting for the chance to serve our Veterans, expand Medicaid, and strengthen our cyber-security. I’m honored to receive this endorsement and if elected, I will bring the same work ethic to my role as Lt. Governor.

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I’m also humbled. Humbled, because Jim Jones earned a Bronze Star for his service in Vietnam. As a Republican, he served as Idaho’s Attorney General for 8 years, sat on Idaho’s Supreme Court for 12 years, and retired as Chief Justice. His service to our state has been extraordinary, and I can only hope to serve the people of Idaho as long and as well as he has.

This endorsement is also cause for hope. This is yet another sign that extremists are losing their hold on Idaho.

• Governor Otter has endorsed Prop 2 Medicaid Expansion.
• Frank Vandersloot has endorsed the incredible Cindy Wilson for Superintendent of Public Instruction.
• I’ve received the unanimous endorsements of Idaho’s newspapers for Lt. Governor, each of which has also endorsed the Republican candidate for Governor.

Taken with Justice Jones’ endorsement today, a pattern has emerged. Idahoans are ready for their leaders to come together, regardless of party, to solve problems and work efficiently. That’s how we got the job done in the military, that’s how we got the job done on my teams in the tech sector, and that’s how I’ll work for the people of Idaho.

Kristin Collum quoted in the Washington Post

By Elizabeth A. Sharrow, Jill Greenlee, Jesse H. Rhodes and Tatishe M. Nteta for the Washington Post

In the 2018 midterm election campaign, many female gubernatorial candidates have argued that their campaigns would be good for young women and girls in their states. In Idaho, for example, where Paulette Jordan and Kristin Collum are running for governor and lieutenant governor respectively, Collum declared, “Whether or not I win . . . I’ve given [young women] a role model. They can do this, too, and they should not let anything stop them.”

NEWS RELEASE: Lt Governor Candidate Kristin Collum Responds to Idaho GOP Claims

Collum calls for campaign civility after GOP accusation

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Yesterday, the Idaho GOP released a statement accusing a Collum for Idaho staff member of “trolling” opponent Janice McGeachin on social media. The following is Collum’s response:

“Yesterday the Idaho GOP accused one of my volunteers of being mean to my opponent on social media. While these claims are of questionable accuracy or seriousness, I’d like to believe that Janice McGeachin and I are both willing to call on our supporters to be more civil. I certainly believe that this campaign should be about the issues facing Idaho and which candidate is better suited to the task, not what our supporters post online.

I have consistently called for unity, collaboration, and professionalism. I’m proud to be endorsed unanimously by all 4 of Idaho’s major newspapers in this race for Lieutenant Governor because I am the moderate who takes the high road. Those are the standards I hold myself to, and I ask my supporters to strive for that standard as well.

I’d also like to call on the Idaho GOP to reflect on their behavior. We should not be attacking volunteers or trying to hold candidates responsible for the social media posts of their supporters. I certainly don’t blame my opponent for any of the horrendous things her supporters have said about me, though I would appreciate if she would ask them to stop.

I don’t believe that politics have to be so petty, and I don’t believe voters want this. We’ll find out on Nov 6th, and I look forward to getting great things done for Idahoans as part of Team Idaho!”

Collum outraises McGeachin 2-1 in final reporting period

With the deadline for pre-general election campaign finance reports coming up at 5 p.m. today, both reports are now in from the candidates for lieutenant governor. Democrat Kristin Collum reported raising twice as much as Republican Janice McGeachin in the final reporting period, which runs from Oct. 1 to Oct. 21; those figures were $21,250 for Collum and $10,058 for McGeachin. The two candidates spent near-identical amounts, $17,610 and $17,931 respectively. Collum closed out the reporting period with $66,624 in cash and no debt; McGeachin with $49,037 cash and $113,015 in debt to herself that she carried over from earlier reports.

Collum: will represent data-driven solutions

As a service member and native resident of Idaho, I’d like to personally endorse Kristin Collum for the position of lieutenant governor. Kristin Collum exemplifies the qualities we need in our leaders. She is humble, hardworking, patriotic and exceptionally qualified.

Kristin’s time as both an enlisted soldier and a commissioned officer ensures an experience of hard work, dedication and effective problem-solving. As a tech leader in Idaho, Kristin has the knowledge and experience to manage Idaho’s economic growth. Kristin also has the rural background that will keep her connected with the people she represents.

We need a strong voice that will represent data-driven solutions in our government. Kristen Collum has shown dedication to this idea and will fight for real solutions to make Idaho stronger for Idahoans.

Eli Weston


As published in the Idaho County Free Press on October 30, 2018.

Major Idaho Newspapers Unanimously Endorse Kristin Collum

This year, Idaho will elect its first female lieutenant governor. History will be made. This is also the first election in decades that all endorsing Idaho newspapers have split the ticket. While favoring Republican Brad Little for Governor, they unanimously endorsed Democratic nominee, Kristin Collum, for Lieutenant Governor.

The Idaho Statesman (Boise), Post Register (Idaho Falls), Magic Valley Times-News (Twin Falls), the Idaho Mountain Express (Sun Valley, Ketchum, Hailey, Bellevue and Carey), and Idaho State Journal (Pocatello) cited Collum’s collaborative problem-solving skills, military and cyber-security experience, and moderate, work-across-the-aisle approach as key reasons for their decision. Collum’s support of Medicaid expansion (Proposition 2), which her opponent Janice McGeachin opposes, was also a factor.

Giving Idaho its best chance for success

Endorsement from the Idaho State Journal for Lt. Governor of Idaho

After interviewing the candidates and reviewing their records, we strongly encourage Idahoans to split their votes between Little, the state’s current lieutenant governor, and Collum, an Army veteran with a wealth of experience in the tech industry.

Kristin Collum will represent all of Idaho

Endorsement from the Magic Valley Times News for Lt. Governor of Idaho

It’s no secret that Idaho is undergoing some changes. We now have a mix of families who have been in the Gem State for multiple generations and people who just moved here in recent years as word finally got out that this is a great state in which to work and live. The state is significantly more diverse than it was in recent memory, and small towns are quickly becoming cities.

In this year’s lieutenant governor’s race, Kristin Collum is the best choice for serving all of those residents of Idaho.

Endorsement: Kristin Collum

Endorsement from the Post Register for Lt. Governor of Idaho

Kristin Collum is one of the most competent and intelligent statewide candidates the Gem State has seen.

Anyone familiar with the military will recognize what her meteoric rise there says about her grit. Unable to afford college after high school, she enlisted in the Army and started as a private. A decade later, she was an officer with a master’s degree serving on Gen. Colin Powell’s staff. Along the way, she served as an infantry platoon leader.

Collum pulled herself up by her bootstraps, and she pulled herself a very, very long way up. We hope she keeps rising, and she has our unanimous endorsement in the lieutenant governor’s race.

Kristin Collum: I am the leader Idaho needs

As a military veteran, a moderate and a mother of four, I see our country, our communities and our families being stretched like a rubber band by the extremes of both political parties. We’re at a breaking point where we’ve moved from a place of pride and leadership to one of fear, anger, and divisiveness. I’m running for Idaho lieutenant governor because I run to the fire. When I see a problem, I want to be part of the solution. At this time, we need to return to the middle, work together for what’s best for our state and our people, and get things done.

Born and raised in Great Falls, Montana, I joined the Army out of high school and left with a master’s degree, joined as enlisted and left as an officer. I served in NATO, worked at the Pentagon for Colin Powell and led as a signal officer platoon leader in an infantry division.

Twenty-one years ago, I came to Idaho to work in the tech sector, where I’ve successfully led dozens of teams and critical international programs. I pull together the stakeholders, experts and opposing sides to align on winning goals and accomplish the mission.

As a veteran, I understand teamwork. The concepts of putting people first and service before self are ingrained in me. As a tech leader, I am adept at working up, down and across large organizations to get things done. I established a reputation as an adaptive, fast-learning leader who could be dropped into any situation, regardless of the scope — from multimillion-dollar projects to multinational teams — to land, create a team and accomplish the mission.

As your lieutenant governor, I will preside over, and uphold the decorum of, the state Senate. I am the experienced, solid leader who can step in for the governor, whoever that may be, and keep the ship steady.

Additionally, I offer my leadership to strengthen the state’s fledgling cybersecurity program, ensuring your personal data is protected and is not at undue risk of being stolen or costing Idaho taxpayers millions.

Finally, as a veteran, I will gladly assist the governor, commander in chief of the Idaho National Guard, and will proudly represent Idaho veterans and our families.

I love our state and seek to pull us back together in these divisive times and put people before party. Esto perpetua!

Democrat Kristin Collum, an Army veteran and tech leader, is running for Idaho lieutenant governor.