Collum for lieutenant governor

Published in the Idaho Press-Tribune
There is a clear difference between candidates for Idaho Lieutenant Governor. All who support Proposition 2 (Medicaid Expansion) need to realize Janice McGeachin was the one who proposed Resolution #1 at the Idaho GOP 2018 Convention stating “the Idaho Republican Party formally opposes the initiative to expand Medicaid eligibility…” She will do everything in her power as Lieutenant Governor and President of the Idaho Senate, to oppose implementation of Medicaid Expansion, despite what Idaho voters may want.

However, Kristin Collum wholeheartedly supports Medicaid Expansion and would guide the legislature in a diplomatic implementation process. Kristin is a veteran with the skills and passion to serve. She states, “I’m running for Idaho Lieutenant Governor because I run to the fire. When I see a problem, I want to be part of the solution. At this time, we need to come back to the middle, work together for what’s best for our state and our people, and get things done.” I have heard her speak at events and watched her debate. I can honestly say I have never had more respect for a person running for a state office than I have for her. Please vote for Kristin Collum for Lieutenant Governor.

Kathy Dawes, Moscow


I just had the pleasure of meeting Kristin Collum, candidate for lieutenant governor and was deeply impressed with her professionalism, energy, commitment to collaboration and working with Idahoans of all political backgrounds. She has visited every county in Idaho meeting the voters she will represent. She’s a veteran, a single mom, and is by far the best choice for Idaho.


Published in the Bonner County Daily Bee on October 21, 2018.

Letter to the Editor: Elect Kristin Collum

Here’s why it is important to elect Kristin Collum to be our next lieutenant governor:

Medicaid expansion: The majority of Idahoans favor Medicaid expansion, and so does Kristin. Her opponent? Not so much.

Leadership: While in the Army, Kristin learned leadership skills from Gen. Colin Powell, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. She then worked as project manager for major tech companies in Idaho. Kristin’s largely volunteer campaign staff is drama-free, thanks to her leadership.

Fiscal responsibility: Kristin doesn’t waste thousands of dollars on private planes like her opponent. Kristin’s campaign respects the grass-roots donors who give so generously to her campaign. You can trust her to spend tax dollars responsibly.

Bipartisanship: Kristin will work across the aisle to accomplish Idaho’s goals. Electing her to lieutenant governor will give Idaho some much-needed balance. Her opponent cultivates support from extremist groups who will further divide us.

Please join me in support of Kristin Collum for Idaho’s lieutenant governor.


Endorsement from Chris Gregoire

Chris Gregoire“As a moderate Democrat and part-time Idaho resident, I fully endorse Kristin Collum for Lt Governor of Idaho. Her 12 years of military service, followed by 21 years as a tech leader, make her a perfect fit for the state executive government. Her first priority is Idaho; she is issues-based and fiscally responsible. And, most importantly, she listens to the people.”

Chris Gregoire, CEO Challenge Seattle & former Governor of Washington

Endorsement from Boise Mayor Dave Bieter

mayor dave bieter“Kristin’s rural roots and patriotic values are just what Idahoans need working for us as our Lt. Governor. I am voting for Kristin Collum because of her prominent work experience in the United States military, her management skills from her time working in the Idaho tech community, and her passion for Idaho’s beautiful landscapes and our outdoor way of life. Please join me in voting for Kristin for Lt. Governor on Tuesday, November 6th.”

Endorsement from the AFL-CIO

afl-cio joe maloney
As president of the Idaho State AFL-CIO, I am pleased to confirm our endorsement of Idaho Lt Governor candidate Kristin Collum. Kristin exemplifies what we need from our state office holders. She has shown in actions and words that she fully supports and is willing to defend Idaho working families and organized labor. We need strong voices in the state house who will speak for and represent the people; Kristin Collum is that voice.”

Endorsement from Driggs Mayor Hyrum Johnson

driggs mayor
“I am pleased to endorse Kristin Collum for Lieutenant Governor of Idaho. Kristin’s background as a Veteran and in business, combined with her focus on bridging gaps, makes her the most qualified candidate for the position. With a focus on people, instead of party; on solutions for real problems experienced by real people; and on getting things done for the people of Idaho, Kristin will work hard for Idaho and get things done. I encourage you to vote for Kristin Collum for Lieutenant Governor of Idaho.”

Endorsement from SW Idaho NOW PAC

I am thrilled to have the endorsement of the Southwest Idaho chapter of the National Women’s Organization’s PAC. NOW’s priorities for economic and social equality for all women form an important part of my goal to represent the voices of all Idahoans in our state government.