Collum best for Idaho

I cast my vote recently and supported Kristin Collum for lieutenant governor.

Her experience and accomplishments in the Army demonstrate not only her capabilities but also her potential. She rose from enlisted to officer on her merits and leadership abilities. She was very successful in a military environment, where competence and results matter and are tested and measured almost daily.

She transitioned to the private sector and was again successful, this time in the technically challenging and relevant field of cyber security. As a candidate, she has demonstrated thoughtfulness, respect for those with whom she disagrees, and the ability to listen and learn. I spoke with her personally once and found her to be a quick study. She impressed me as a pragmatist and one who will seek consensus and compromise as a political leader. These are qualities that I believe our politics desperately need these days.

As INL director, I interacted with political leaders in our state, including governors and lieutenant governors. I have no doubt that Kristin Collum has the leadership and management experience to hit the ground running as lieutenant governor. I am also convinced that she can work well with others. She demonstrates values that go beyond those of a particular group in our State and country. They are the American values of fairness, honesty, hopefulness, generosity, patriotism, humility and independence.

I believe Kristin Collum will serve all the people of Idaho exceptionally well and urge support of her candidacy.

John Grossenbacher

Idaho Falls

As published in the Post Register on November 4, 2018.

Endorsement from Chief Justice Jim Jones

Jim Jones
P.O. Box 2701
Boise, ID 83701

October 30, 2018

Kristin Collum
P.O. Box 170191
Boise, ID 83717

Dear Kristin:

I have followed your campaign and been impressed with how you have handled yourself. Getting around the state and meeting people from one end of Idaho to the other is important, but exhausting. The results are evident in the favorable reception you have gotten. The number of newspaper endorsements reflects that you have been presenting a positive message.

Your service in the U.S. Army is important to me as a fellow veteran. Too few of our young people step forward to serve their country in this day and age. Those who do are to be commended. It speaks to their moral fiber. Thanks for your service.

I also appreciate that you have come out solidly in favor of Proposition Two. Too many hard-working Idahoans do not have access to basic health care and it is time for the State to step forward to lend a hand to those who fall in the Medicaid gap.

Although it is late in the game, I am enclosing a check to help out with your campaign expenses. Good luck.

Jim Jones

Kristin Collum

Divisiveness is an American crisis. It’s time to vote for the best candidate, not the one from a particular party. Compare the two lieutenant governor candidates, Janice McGeachin and Kristin Collum. McGeachin has served in Idaho state government for a decade, and claims 30 years in business administration. Collum’s decades of leadership experience include 12 years in the Army, where she worked with Colin Powell in Washington, DC, and high level positions at Micron and Hewlett Packard. Both agree on gun rights and protecting public lands for the people of Idaho. But there are clear differences. Collum supports creation of an ethics ombudsman, McGeachin does not. McGeachin opposes same-sex marriage and abortion. Collum believes these issues should not be controlled by government. Collum supports a gradual increase in the minimum wage. McGeachin opposes it. Collum supports expanding Medicaid, which would bring medical care to 62,000 Idaho residents. McGeachin has fought to oppose Medicaid expansion, and would continue to block it, even if voters pass Proposition 2. McGeachin represents the status quo, while Collum strongly believes in a better future, and in working together, not as two parties, but for the best interests of Idahoans and all Americans. Who shares your values?


As published in the Idaho Statesman on November 1, 2018.

Five Strong Women

Five strong women. Five strong, smart, sensible, confident, kind women who can help Idaho progress beyond the dullness of Republican rule.

Cristina McNeil has a wonderfully warm heart and is passionate about people and the issues that concern them — access to health care, living wages, good education, and a healthy environment. She will be a dynamic congresswoman. Cindy Wilson is a versatile, genuinely qualified and experienced educator. She knows the importance of teacher and student input and showing up for scheduled meetings. She will be a terrific Superintendent of Public Education in Idaho. Kristin Collum is a poised, knowledgeable, articulate veteran who has served her country and is now fully prepared to serve Idaho as lieutenant governor. Jill Humble does not believe status quo or complacency is wise, so she will take the responsibilities of Secretary of State very seriously as she works to protect and enhance voter privilege. Paulette Jordan has taken on the task of challenging the redness of Idaho politics. She is brilliant, well-spoken and understands the underpinnings of a largely rural Idaho and the value of Idaho’s natural beauty and resources.

Five strong women who can enliven Idaho politics by replacing worn-out, stationary conservatism and chart a new citizen-friendly path for all of us.

Shelley Dumas


As published in the
Idaho County Free Press on October 31, 2018.

Idaho Mountain Express election endorsements

The Idaho Mountain Express has endorsed Kristin Collum for Lt. Governor.

For lieutenant governor, Kristin Collum (D): A retired Army officer, she served in the Pentagon under Gen. Colin Powell. A software engineering manager in the private sector with expertise in cybersecurity, she’s the moderate in the race. The state needs her expertise and collaborative leadership. She’s pro-Second Amendment, favors Medicaid expansion and is pro-choice. Her opponent is a former legislator who hates the federal government, opposes Medicaid expansion and favors federal giveaways to ranchers.

As published in the Idaho Mountain Express on October 31, 2018.

Major Idaho Newspapers Unanimously Endorse Kristin Collum

This year, Idaho will elect its first female lieutenant governor. History will be made. This is also the first election in decades that all endorsing Idaho newspapers have split the ticket. While favoring Republican Brad Little for Governor, they unanimously endorsed Democratic nominee, Kristin Collum, for Lieutenant Governor.

The Idaho Statesman (Boise), Post Register (Idaho Falls), Magic Valley Times-News (Twin Falls), the Idaho Mountain Express (Sun Valley, Ketchum, Hailey, Bellevue and Carey), and Idaho State Journal (Pocatello) cited Collum’s collaborative problem-solving skills, military and cyber-security experience, and moderate, work-across-the-aisle approach as key reasons for their decision. Collum’s support of Medicaid expansion (Proposition 2), which her opponent Janice McGeachin opposes, was also a factor.

Giving Idaho its best chance for success

Endorsement from the Idaho State Journal for Lt. Governor of Idaho

After interviewing the candidates and reviewing their records, we strongly encourage Idahoans to split their votes between Little, the state’s current lieutenant governor, and Collum, an Army veteran with a wealth of experience in the tech industry.

Kristin Collum will represent all of Idaho

Endorsement from the Magic Valley Times News for Lt. Governor of Idaho

It’s no secret that Idaho is undergoing some changes. We now have a mix of families who have been in the Gem State for multiple generations and people who just moved here in recent years as word finally got out that this is a great state in which to work and live. The state is significantly more diverse than it was in recent memory, and small towns are quickly becoming cities.

In this year’s lieutenant governor’s race, Kristin Collum is the best choice for serving all of those residents of Idaho.

Endorsement: Kristin Collum

Endorsement from the Post Register for Lt. Governor of Idaho

Kristin Collum is one of the most competent and intelligent statewide candidates the Gem State has seen.

Anyone familiar with the military will recognize what her meteoric rise there says about her grit. Unable to afford college after high school, she enlisted in the Army and started as a private. A decade later, she was an officer with a master’s degree serving on Gen. Colin Powell’s staff. Along the way, she served as an infantry platoon leader.

Collum pulled herself up by her bootstraps, and she pulled herself a very, very long way up. We hope she keeps rising, and she has our unanimous endorsement in the lieutenant governor’s race.

Kristin Collum has the potential to become an influential leader in Idaho

Endorsement from the Idaho Statesman for Lt. Governor of Idaho

No matter who prevails in the lieutenant governor’s race on Nov. 6, the winner will make Idaho history as the first woman ever to serve in the post.

That’s significant because the job is often a stepping-stone to greater leadership positions. The current lieutenant governor, Brad Little, is running for governor this year.

So it’s important to pick someone with the potential to become an influential leader in Idaho. We believe that person is Kristin Collum.