Kristin Collum

Divisiveness is an American crisis. It’s time to vote for the best candidate, not the one from a particular party. Compare the two lieutenant governor candidates, Janice McGeachin and Kristin Collum. McGeachin has served in Idaho state government for a decade, and claims 30 years in business administration. Collum’s decades of leadership experience include 12 years in the Army, where she worked with Colin Powell in Washington, DC, and high level positions at Micron and Hewlett Packard. Both agree on gun rights and protecting public lands for the people of Idaho. But there are clear differences. Collum supports creation of an ethics ombudsman, McGeachin does not. McGeachin opposes same-sex marriage and abortion. Collum believes these issues should not be controlled by government. Collum supports a gradual increase in the minimum wage. McGeachin opposes it. Collum supports expanding Medicaid, which would bring medical care to 62,000 Idaho residents. McGeachin has fought to oppose Medicaid expansion, and would continue to block it, even if voters pass Proposition 2. McGeachin represents the status quo, while Collum strongly believes in a better future, and in working together, not as two parties, but for the best interests of Idahoans and all Americans. Who shares your values?


As published in the Idaho Statesman on November 1, 2018.