Five Strong Women

Five strong women. Five strong, smart, sensible, confident, kind women who can help Idaho progress beyond the dullness of Republican rule.

Cristina McNeil has a wonderfully warm heart and is passionate about people and the issues that concern them — access to health care, living wages, good education, and a healthy environment. She will be a dynamic congresswoman. Cindy Wilson is a versatile, genuinely qualified and experienced educator. She knows the importance of teacher and student input and showing up for scheduled meetings. She will be a terrific Superintendent of Public Education in Idaho. Kristin Collum is a poised, knowledgeable, articulate veteran who has served her country and is now fully prepared to serve Idaho as lieutenant governor. Jill Humble does not believe status quo or complacency is wise, so she will take the responsibilities of Secretary of State very seriously as she works to protect and enhance voter privilege. Paulette Jordan has taken on the task of challenging the redness of Idaho politics. She is brilliant, well-spoken and understands the underpinnings of a largely rural Idaho and the value of Idaho’s natural beauty and resources.

Five strong women who can enliven Idaho politics by replacing worn-out, stationary conservatism and chart a new citizen-friendly path for all of us.

Shelley Dumas


As published in the
Idaho County Free Press on October 31, 2018.