NEWS RELEASE: Lt Governor Candidate Kristin Collum Responds to Idaho GOP Claims

Collum calls for campaign civility after GOP accusation

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Yesterday, the Idaho GOP released a statement accusing a Collum for Idaho staff member of “trolling” opponent Janice McGeachin on social media. The following is Collum’s response:

“Yesterday the Idaho GOP accused one of my volunteers of being mean to my opponent on social media. While these claims are of questionable accuracy or seriousness, I’d like to believe that Janice McGeachin and I are both willing to call on our supporters to be more civil. I certainly believe that this campaign should be about the issues facing Idaho and which candidate is better suited to the task, not what our supporters post online.

I have consistently called for unity, collaboration, and professionalism. I’m proud to be endorsed unanimously by all 4 of Idaho’s major newspapers in this race for Lieutenant Governor because I am the moderate who takes the high road. Those are the standards I hold myself to, and I ask my supporters to strive for that standard as well.

I’d also like to call on the Idaho GOP to reflect on their behavior. We should not be attacking volunteers or trying to hold candidates responsible for the social media posts of their supporters. I certainly don’t blame my opponent for any of the horrendous things her supporters have said about me, though I would appreciate if she would ask them to stop.

I don’t believe that politics have to be so petty, and I don’t believe voters want this. We’ll find out on Nov 6th, and I look forward to getting great things done for Idahoans as part of Team Idaho!”