Insuring Idaho’s Economic Future

Idahoans know how to work. And we do it well. Our state has very low unemployment, hovering around 3%, and Idaho boasts an economy that runs from agriculture and mining to tourism and technology.

Kristin Collum supports the ranchers and farmers of Idaho’s agriculture industry.

But Idaho is vulnerable.

As an international trade war continues to escalate, led by President Trump’s trade tariffs and restrictions, Idaho has begun to suffer. Idaho has a massive dairy industry, which is now subject to tariffs on cheese and dairy. Potatoes are being targeted with tariffs, as is beef. Everything from hay to tech, beer to semiconductor parts, is now susceptible.

Trade partners from around the world, including allies like Canada, are retaliating against escalating U.S. tariffs of steel and aluminum. Idaho’s hardworking farmers, ranchers, and more are losing shocking amounts of money every day on foods and products that, until recently, were exported to every corner of the globe. One Idaho dairy estimates it’s losing $4,000 a day and, by the end of August, will have lost more than $250,000 this year.

idaho trade
The US Census Bureau reports that Canada is Idaho’s top international trading partner.

Our state is expected to have the highest U.S. exposure in this trade war. What does this mean? That we’ll be hit hardest based on our economy and GDP in proportion to our population.

For those who think this is just impacting workers, we know this is hitting consumers as well. Almost everything we buy, including clothing, cars, and appliances are expected to jump in price.

Idaho needs politicians who will stand up for our farmers, ranchers, companies, workers, and consumers. I am here to support those hard-working men and women who are on the front lines of our state economy and deserve to be paid adequately for their labor and goods. I believe we can’t grow our state or national economy while we’re battling our allies around the globe in a tit-for-tat strategy where no one wins.

As lieutenant governor, I promise to advocate for a rational economic strategy within our state’s borders that will grow jobs, protect our valuable goods, and seek solutions for Idaho. Let’s make #IdahoStronger and #VoteForTheVet Kristin Collum on Nov. 6th.