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Kristin Collum believes that Idaho underfunds education, which places the financial burden upon working families and property owners.

  • I will fight for Idaho’s need to invest more in education to fill openings and address high teacher turnover rates so that our children have a fighting chance at a good education.

  • College degrees expand work options and lead to higher wages but are not an option for many Idahoans. We need to make higher education more affordable to open doors and change lives.

  • We need to do more to prepare our children for a skills-based economy. I want to fully maximize the use of successful vocational training programs that lead to good-paying jobs for graduates.


Kristin Collum is a leader who will stand up for farmers, ranchers, companies, workers, and consumers to ensure our Idaho economy works for everyone.

  • Idaho leads the nation in percentage of minimum wage jobs. I’ll advocate for a state government that works to attract and encourage companies that pay a living wage.

  • I will work to block state incentives for companies whose worker salaries are low and stagnant, forcing employees to utilize state assistance while those same companies make huge profits.

  • I am here to support those hard-working men and women who are on the front lines of our state economy and deserve to be paid adequately for their labor and goods.


Kristin Collum supports Medicaid expansion in Idaho because it makes economic sense and will create thousands of jobs.

  • It’s time to close the Medicaid Gap. It is cruel and financially irresponsible of our state government to refuse federal funds that would provide affordable health coverage for 62,000 people.

  • Health care is a basic human need and right. It’s time to stop insurance and pharmaceutical companies from profiting at the expense of our health and lives. Healthcare should be affordable for all.

  • Expanding Medicaid goes a long way toward sustaining and growing our currently understaffed rural hospitals and medical clinics. Rural medical providers will be able to keep the doors open for their communities because more patients will be insured.