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Meet Kristin

July 20th 6PM-9PM -Coeur D’Alene

Meet and Greet Party with Kristin Collum and the Hanks Bros

311 E Coeur Dalene Ave, Coeur D’Alene, ID 83814

July 21st 9AM-10AM -Bonners Ferry

Conversation with Kristin

The Bread Basket Bakery

510752 Highway 95, Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805

July 21st 2PM-3PM -Wallace

Conversation with Kristin

Wallace Coffee House

525 Cedar St, Wallace, Idaho 83873

July 27th 7PM-9PM -Idaho Falls

A Benefit for Kristin Collum Hosted by Jan and Clay Ogilvie

355 9th St, Idaho Falls, ID 83404

*Event hosting does not equal an endorsement.


  •  I will fight for Idaho’s need to invest more in education to fill openings and address high teacher turn-over rates so that our children have a fighting chance at a good education.

  • College degrees expand work options and lead to higher wages but are not an option for many Idahoans.  I propose free community college to open doors, change lives, and help rebuild rural Idaho.


  • Idaho leads the nation in percentage of minimum wage jobs.  I’ll advocate for a state government which works to attract and encourage companies that pay a living wage (>$12 per hour in Idaho).

  • I will work to block state incentives for companies whose worker salaries are low and stagnant while those same companies make huge profits and line the pockets of senior executives.


  • It’s time to close the Medicaid Gap. It is cruel and financially irresponsible of our state government to refuse federal funds which would provide affordable health coverage for 78,000 people.

  • Health care is a basic human need and right.  It’s time to stop insurance and pharmaceutical companies from profiting at the expense of our health and lives.  Medicare should be available to all.

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